Atlanta Visit - October 2004

T.J. at Grandma Wilson's

Cory can be counted on to keep up with whatever is underway.

Aboard the Skylift at Stone Mountain, ready for the ride to the top.

Starting up the mountain.

Skylift making its way to the top.

T.J. and Cory atop of Stone Mountain.

Diane & Greg

Two grandmas catching their breath.

The whole crew with Atlanta in the background.

The carving of our Confederate heroes on the way down from the crest.

President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson.

Florida's marker.

Riding the Scarlett O'Hara

View of the carillon.

Fearless sailors

My beautiful bride!

Some of our fellow water travellers.

Two desperadoes in dire straits.

Another desperado in even more dire straits!

All aboard the amphibious "Duck"

Duck Boy I

Duck Boy II

Our entertaining Captain Chris!

Look closely -- T. J. is at the helm of the "Duck" as it is in the water.

And Cory will not be denied his turn either.

This is a view of our "Duck" in the water.

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