2003 National Conference
Abbeville, South Carolina
July 11-12, 2003

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On the way to the conference

Battleflag is once again flying on I-75 at the White Springs (Florida) exit, after having been cut down by vandals.

Markers at the foot of the Battleflag

New lock to discourage the enemies of our Southland.

Historic Abbeville, SC

Boyhood home of John C. Calhoun, who practiced law before becoming South Carolina's (and the South's) preeminent statesman.

Seccession Hill - site of the first meetings that led to South Carolina's withdrawl from the union.

The Burt-Stark house, site of the last meeting of the Confederate Cabinet.

Marker shows site of John C. Calhoun's law office.

Trinity Episcopal Church, antebellum church attended by many prominent Abbeville residents.

Pew of J. Foster Marshall, killed at Second Battle of Manassas

Pulpit at Trinity Episcopal Church

Some of the many Confederate grave in Trinity's cemetery.

Grave of J. Foster Marshall -- someone misguided soul has placed the flag of the very people who killed this Southron patriot before his monument!

Confederate Marker in island before Burt-Stark House

Entrance to Burt-Stark House

Secession Hill - trail to site of first speeches

Marker - indicating the site of first secession speeches

Markers at top of secession hill

Evening Concert and League Talent Show

MC - Alex Cheek

Grandson of the song's author sings the "Southren Anthem."

Talented and committed young folks are the hope of our Confederate future.

Dr. James E. Kibler reads poetry.

Our confederate pipes. "Forbidden songs on forbidden pipes."

More Confederate talent.

Outstanding Conference Speakers

R. Gordon Thornton, author of The Southern Nation

Dr. Michael Hill, our President, calls for a Confederate Congress in Montgomery in 2004.


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