Lt. Edward John Kent Johnston, CSN, returns home to Florida

After some 139 years, Lt. Johnston was returned home to be buried with his wife and children in Bosque Bello Cemetery, Fernandina Beach, Florida. Johnston died in a POW camp in Massachusetts on October 13, 1863. He had been the engineering officer aboard the CSS Atlanta and was captured with the rest of her crew on June 3, 1863, when she ran aground in a Naval battle near Savannah, Georgia.

October 26, 2002, Lt. Johnston returns home. This was an historic and moving occasion and a once in a lifetime experience. It is doubtful that most in attendance will ever again see a Confederate Naval Officer laid to rest. The SCV, the UDC, the various reenactors, and all who had a part in this ceremony are to be commended.


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C.S.S. Belle bore the remains of Lt. Johnson home. The Belle's crew. Swapping sea stories as a flag officer paces. Inspecting the crew. Removing the remains from the Belle.
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Pall bearers take remains to carriage. Placing Lt. Johnston on the carriage. Some of your photographer's
crew looks on.
Under the watch eye of the Confederate Navy.
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Riderless horse will take his place in the funeral procession. The cortege forms. A lone sentry leads the procession. Attendees join the procession to the Bosque Bello Cemetery.
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Perhaps the youngest Confederate in attendance. But your photographer's granddaughter must be a close second! Confederate onlookers (be they privates, generals or civilians) line
the route
The Florida League of the South's, Jim Lear bears Florida's Confederate State Flag. Marching down 14th Street to the cemetery.
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Some pictures of your photographer's family in the procession--my wife, my daughter, my grandson, my granddaughter--please bear with my personal references. The procession continues
to the cemetery.
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Approaching the cemetery entrance. Turning into the cemetery. A strangely familiar observer. The beautiful paths within the cemetery.
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Winding through the cemetery to the gravesite. 3rd Florida Regimental Band
provided music.
The funeral carriage arrives
at the  gravesite.
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The color guard awaits their call. John Adams, Commander, Florida Division, SCV was moderator. Lt. Johnston is finally rejoined with family. Compatriot Nelson Winbush gave the invocation. Rendering honors.
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Posting of the colors. Solemn remembrance of our heroes and our nation.
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Descendants of Lt. Johnston The funeral service
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One of Lt. Johnston's descendants addresses the crowd. G-G-Grandson, Lt. Col. Henry Bond, USMC, Ret., catalogued the Lt. Johnston's life. SCV Commanders place a wreath. Flag folded for presentation to family.
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Honor guard's salute. Bugler renders honors. "Present Arms!"
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Lt. Johnston's marker and Cross of Honor. Your photographer with his grandson. I had to "lift" the photo from another posting to prove that I was indeed at this wonderful event. Thank you, Linda.
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