29th Anniversary Trip to St. Mary's, GA
and Cumberland Island
(September 2001)

BLAND1.jpg (301218 bytes) The Florida National Guard maintains an excellent museum and park at Camp Blanding, near Starke, FL.

Notice the Patton quote on the picture with yours truly.

  CUMB14.jpg (502333 bytes) Behind the Dungeness Mansion -- our first siting of the island's feral horses.
BLAND2.jpg (377391 bytes)   CUMB15.jpg (525587 bytes) And a wild turkey unconcerned with us human visitors.
BLAND3.jpg (404355 bytes)   CUMB12.jpg (302076 bytes) Crossing the island towards the salt marshes, we find the original grave of "Light Horse Harry" Lee, father of Robert E. Lee. He was moved to the family crypt in Lexington in 1913.
ST_MARY.jpg (223291 bytes) The only picture I managed to take of St. Marys. An old and interesting town. My GGGGG-Grandpa Langley Bryant was one of the founders.   CUMB10.jpg (416740 bytes) More feral horses as we cross the salt marshes towards the sand dunes on the east of the Island.
CUMB1.jpg (523003 bytes) My lovely bride and I make our way down the River Trail,   catching mosquitoes on our smiling teeth.   CUMB11.jpg (478325 bytes)
CUMB4.jpg (535019 bytes)   CUMB9.jpg (362817 bytes) We also encountered a small Georgia gator -- but he too seemed uninterested in two human Florida Gators!
CUMB5.jpg (547525 bytes)   CUMB7.jpg (378399 bytes) The pristine beaches on the Eastern side of the 17 mile long Cumberland Island.
CUMB2.jpg (405426 bytes) The ruins of the Dungeness Mansion. Still very impressive as rubble!   CUMB8.jpg (397229 bytes)
CUMB3.jpg (393941 bytes)   CUMB13.jpg (363057 bytes) The 45 minute ferry ride to and from the island passes paper mills and the Kingsland Submarine Base.
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