National Conference

Conference Venue -- Embassy Suites, Montgomery, Alabama

Alex Cheek our excellent, perennial Master of Ceremonies

Some of the member attendees.

Mr. Franklin Sanders emphasized the need for love of kith and kin.

Mr. John Chodes discussed Mr. Lincoln's invasions of New York City (that's right!)

Visiting vendors between sessions

Confederate seed corn.

Jeremy Andress (Florida Chairman) and his lovely bride.

Mr. Mark Thomey gave a rousing address.

Pastor Greg Wilson and Mr. Stanley Lott.

An important charge from Pastor Eugene Case.

Young folks, like this brother and sister (Deborah and Jeremiah Brinson) are the hope for our future.

Dr. Hill presents annual League awards.

Some award recipients.

Brother Alister Anderson who made the emotional closing prayer on Friday evening, touching the hearts of all who were present.

Larry Smith and Nat Rudulph are "Basic Gray"

The music was both moving and rousing.

Mr. Mike Tuggle, author of "Confederates in the Boardroom" provided much food for thought.

More musical interludes.

Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy, noted Confederate author discusses the truth about slavery and northern hypocrisy.

Greg Wilson with Michael A. Peroutka

Diane Wilson with Presidential Candidate, Michael A. Peroutka

Michael Peroutka, the ONLY Constitutionally qualified candidate for President, addresses the League of the South

Dr. Michael Hill, who along with Jefferson Davis will always be our "President," speaks on the American Empire.

Some photos of conference participants.

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