Confederate Battleflag 
Monument Dedication
White Springs, Florida l February 15, 2002

This was a most glorious day!

by Greg Wilson

Please excuse the personal references, but this page was primarily constructed to share with family and personal friends. If others can get some enjoyment or benefit, then so much the better. -- Greg Wilson

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The boys in grey were much in evidence.

* DSCF0003.JPG (99876 bytes) The League of the South was well represented.
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Part of the crowd estimated at about 500.
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DSCF0067.JPG (109212 bytes) Representative Will Kendrick addresses the crowd. Kendrick said: "I've been asked several times over the last six hours, 'Are you really going
over there?' And I said: 'You're d*** right I'm going, -- It may not be politically correct but it's correct in
my heart." 
DSCF0075.JPG (98597 bytes) Former Florida House Speaker and Senate President Mallory Horne was shocked when a few people questioned his decision to speak before the group. 

"It really is a family thing. And to me, it doesn't have anything to do with
religion or race, Somehow people translate being a Southerner
with being racist." 

DSCF0036.JPG (71779 bytes) The honor guard awaits their orders. DSCF0083.JPG (58860 bytes) The 20' X 38' Battleflag is unfurled.
DSCF0037.JPG (84328 bytes) DSCF0093.JPG (89601 bytes) And majestically begins its journey to the top of the 100' pole.
DSCF0034.JPG (81558 bytes) DSCF0095.JPG (70759 bytes) The Battleflag of Dixie floats freely in the wind -- FREE THE SOUTH!
DSCF0038.JPG (74134 bytes) DSCF0106.JPG (83015 bytes) The Monument was unveiled.
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DSCF0018.JPG (103852 bytes) Confederate Thunder prepares to render honors. 22.JPG (78553 bytes)
DSCF0114.JPG (113596 bytes) DSCF0108.JPG (77230 bytes)
13.JPG (76808 bytes)
DSCF0112.JPG (94652 bytes) Now when my beard gets a little greyer, I may resemble Marse Robert, too! 11.JPG (108898 bytes) Diane searches for our names on the granite wall.
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DSCF0022.JPG (124822 bytes) A "Confederate widow" loads her camera. DSCF0111.JPG (113414 bytes) My cousin, Lynda and I beside the name of ancestor Sgt. John C. Strickland, Florida (Marion)  Light Artillery, Perry's Co.
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DSCF0008.JPG (97012 bytes) SCV Member, Nelson Winbush, honors his Confederate Grandfather.
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30.JPG (68328 bytes) Flying high for all to see! DSCF0109.JPG (131858 bytes)
34.JPG (46108 bytes) DSCF0103.JPG (141923 bytes) Diane and I before our names on the wall.   It's a little strange to see your name in engraved in granite.
33.JPG (63745 bytes) 20.JPG (86453 bytes)
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DSCF0023.JPG (81658 bytes) Diane and I with my cousin, Lynda. DSCF0025.JPG (159402 bytes) Lynda and her husband, Percy.
DSCF0024.JPG (240458 bytes) DSCF0026.JPG (135384 bytes) Mini-family reunion.
16.JPG (87663 bytes) WCJB, Channel 20 -- the media safely behind barbed wire! 3.JPG (87974 bytes) Columbia County,
Ron Williams -- supports honoring Confederate history. Williams was the Grand Marshall for the Olustee Parade.
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