League of the South at the Lake City Parade
Lake City, Florida l February 16, 2002

The League was heard from that day!

by Greg Wilson

Please excuse the personal references, but this page was primarily constructed to share with family and personal friends. If others can get some enjoyment or benefit, then so much the better. -- Greg Wilson

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DSCF0001.JPG (62607 bytes) Jim Lear, Northeast Florida, LOS * DSCF0017.JPG (73994 bytes) Give the vandal invaders cold steel boys!
DSCF0005.JPG (90645 bytes) Smokey the Confederate DSCF0033.JPG (91313 bytes)
DSCF0007.JPG (73408 bytes) The National Association of Always Complaining People DSCF0026.JPG (53844 bytes) Our leaders in charge cried out: "Come, boys, come."
DSCF0012.JPG (46323 bytes) The NAACP was so outnumbered that one of our LOS members felt sorry for them and joined them across the street! -- Notice the "Red Shirt" and the battleflag. DSCF0038.JPG (98539 bytes) Black SCV member, Nelson Winbush holds the left flank.
DSCF0013.JPG (85890 bytes) DSCF0045.JPG (85783 bytes) A future League member?
DSCF0011.JPG (87438 bytes) Lake City's finest. DSCF0041.JPG (77883 bytes) Suwannee Valley Chapter, Chairman, Gary Bailey
DSCF0010.JPG (55166 bytes) The NAACP goes to the tactical spread to cover more ground -- one deep and arm length apart! DSCF0048.JPG (119809 bytes) Suwannee Valley Chapter, LOS
DSCF0008.JPG (78459 bytes) The League was heard from. DSCF0051.JPG (94956 bytes) Some of the League's Leadership
DSCF0009.JPG (90169 bytes) DSCF0024.JPG (94956 bytes) Gainesville Sun Reporter interviewed Jim Lear and myself. She seems like such a nice Southern girl -- we shall see!
DSCF0043.JPG (83782 bytes) Yours truly! DSCF0053.JPG (72921 bytes) Greg with Confederate poet Benjamin R. Gormley
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