Some of my kith and kin on my Mom's side.
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Stricklands, Seiglers, Cottinghams, Lees, etc.

02.jpg (73625 bytes) Back of picture says: J. C. Strickland. I'm relatively certain that this is my Great Great Grandpa, John Cauthen Strickland. Served as a Sergeant in the Marion Light Artillery in the War for Southern Independence. 20E.jpg (43580 bytes) Jonnie Lee; Treadwell Strickland; Preston Lee (on the porch - Edna Obrey & Sidney Lee) -- All first cousins 2x removed, with the exceptoiin of Edna Obrey.
06.jpg (13108 bytes) My Great Great Grandma, Nancy Sarah Jane Siegler Strickland 20F.jpg (20373 bytes) Johnnie Monroe Strickland - I believe another first cousin 2x removed.
13.jpg (54243 bytes) Sunday, 26 Jul 1896 at the home of J. C. Strickland (my Great Great Grandpa)
Judson William, age 11
;      Nancy Sarah Jane Seigler, age 46, mother; Ruth, daughter, age 5; Oscar Lee, age 26 (my Great Grandpa); Marshall Monroe, age 20;   Jacob Cauthen, age 15; John Malachi, age 18; Standing in back, Joseph D. Cottingham, age 36 (husband of Elizabeth Winifred-not pictured)
12.jpg (63085 bytes) Marshall Monroe Strickland (Great Grand Uncle); Baptist Pastor. Died 24 Oct 1914, when a tree fell on his buggy during a lightning storm.
05.jpg (48278 bytes) My Great Grandparents - Oscar Lee Strickland and Mae Della Cook Strickland.
Oscar was the first principal of the Homestead School and Justice of the Peace.
19.jpg (39783 bytes) Ruth Strickland, 1906 (my Great Grand Aunt)
01.jpg (64709 bytes) My Great Grandma, Mae Della Cook Herbert Strickland (age 55) with sons, Judson (age 23) and John Luther (age 20)   (my Grandpa) -- taken two Sundays after the funeral of my Great Grandpa, Oscar Lee Strickland. - 2 Jan. 1927 20A.jpg (16958 bytes) Marshall Monroe Strickland and John Malachi Strickland  (My Great Grand Uncles - brothers of my Great Grandpa, Oscar Lee).
11.jpg (73262 bytes) 3rd Great Grand Uncle, Bennett Strickland in his Confederate Uniform. 20B.jpg (16496 bytes) John Malachi Strickland - 1905
15.jpg (87329 bytes)

Marshall  Monroe  & John Malachi Strickland at the old home place

22C.jpg (38407 bytes) Marshall Monroe Strickland.
25B.jpg (42138 bytes) Ruth Strickland and Judson William Strickland, Great Grand Aunt & Uncle, younger siblings of my Great Grandpa. 24A.jpg (31256 bytes) Ruth Strickland   - 1908
03.jpg (41205 bytes) My Great Great Grandma, Nancy Sarah Jane Siegler Strickland with her grandson (my Great Uncle) Judson. 21A.jpg (22640 bytes) John Malachi Strickland (Great Grand Uncle)
23A.jpg (37633 bytes) Judson Strickland. 24B.jpg (40506 bytes) George Cottingham - 1906 (son of Joseph D. Cottingham & Elizabeth Winifred Strickland) (b. 2 Jan 1905; d. 29 Jul 1977) (adopted)
04.jpg (39497 bytes) Ruth Strickland (My Great Grand Aunt) and her nephew Judson (my Great Uncle) 23B.jpg (44435 bytes) John Malachi (Mallie) Strickland (b. 24 Oct 1878; d. 8 Sep 1928) & Eliza Mae Barrington (b. 4 Sep 1884; d. 25 Feb 1945); Wedding day 3 Sep 1905; children - Treadwell, Marshall, John Monroe
26.jpg (54449 bytes) J. D. Cottingham's school at Hebron Church. J. D. was married to my Great Grand Aunt Elizabeth W. Strickland. 14.jpg (48303 bytes) Back of picture has -- J. C. Strickland and family -- I believe this must be my Great Grand Uncle Jacob Cauthen Strickland.
27.jpg (53068 bytes) Prof. J. D. Cottingham - I think that one of the ladies must be my Great Grand Aunt Elizabeth and the child may be my 1st Cousin 2x removed, George Cottingham. 18.jpg (19806 bytes) Back has -- L (or D or J or S or F) E. Strickland - Mrs. J.C.S.   -- I believe this is the wife of Jacob Cauthen Strickland (my Great Grand Uncle).
28.jpg (66327 bytes) J. D. Cottingham's school at Hebron Church 16.jpg (45290 bytes) Preston H. Lee - House, Goulds, Fla. (husband of my Great Grand Aunt Ruth Strickland)
29.jpg (62240 bytes) J. D. Cottingham's School at Hebron Church (George's Lake, Etoniah, Fla) Backrow L-R; (3) Marshal Monroe Strickland; (5) Teacher Joseph D. Cottingham; (6) John Malachi Strickland 17.jpg (66413 bytes)

Mr. & Mrs. Preston H. Lee (my Great Grand Aunt Ruth Strickland)

10.jpg (74570 bytes) Marshall Strickland; Clara Strickland; Billy & Tommy with their grandmother (Mae Strickland); Mary Barrington Strickland mother of Marshall, Treadwell & Monroe; Little boy is Monroe Strickland and man on the end is Treadwell Strickland; Taken at the old Strickland place at Florahome, Fla; 1931 or 32? 22D.jpg (31729 bytes) Johnnie Lee [postcard]
34A.jpg (49894 bytes) Arthur Siegler, 2nd Great Grand Uncle 21B.jpg (30878 bytes) Johnny Lee (age 3 yrs; 24 Mar); Preston Lee (age 18 mo.; 29 May) [Postcard]; From Johnny & Preston Lee to Uncle Mallie and Aunt May Strickland (my 1st Cousins 2x removed)
34D.jpg (69798 bytes) Lee Seigler, 2nd Great Grand Uncle 21C.jpg (23940 bytes) Sidney, little brother of children above.
20C.jpg (34418 bytes) Treadwell Strickland,
1st Cousin 2x removed
25A.jpg (43168 bytes) Johnnie M. Lee, first cousin 2x removed.
20D.jpg (19389 bytes) Marshall Strickland,
1st Cousin 2x removed
31.jpg (50799 bytes) Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Lee's boys; Goulds, Fla., 1924 (1st Cousins 2x removed)

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