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P.O. Box 847  11150 NE 113th Place  Archer, Florida 32618 
PHONE: 352-486-6101  FAX: 810-821-0397  EMAIL:

Churches Seeking Pastors

This section is provided as a service to sister churches of like faith and practice who are seeking pastors.

There is a great deal of diversity amongst Sovereign Grace Landmark Independent Baptist Churches. But the foundational doctrines that they all hold dear are:

    God's Sovereign Grace in salvation (commonly referred to as Calvinism).

    God's Sovereign Grace in perpetuating His true churches throughout all ages (commonly referred to as Landmarkism).

    The Independence of each local congregation.

    The Baptist Distinctives (including: the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice; salvation by grace, through faith alone; regenerate church membership; believer's baptism by the authority of a true church; priesthood of the believers; pastors and deacons as the only church officers; baptism and the Lord's Supper as the only church ordinances; separation of church and state).

The listing of a church in this list does not indicate that a church is in agreement with all that one will find within the webpages of Landmark Independent Baptist Church of Archer, Florida. Nor does it indicate that Landmark Independent Baptist Church is in complete agreement with all the practices or teachings of a listed church.

If you are interested in having your church placed on this list, please send e-mail including pertinent information.

Please send information only if you are a Sovereign Grace Landmark Independent Baptist Church.

Twinbrook Hills Baptist Church
40 Wrenwood Drive
Hamilton, Ohio

The Twinbrook Hills Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio is seeking a God called man to become our pastor.

Twinbrook Hills Baptist Church was established in 1938 and is an historic, sovereign grace, KJV, Baptist Church.

If you are interested see our web site at

All initial inquires are to be directed to:

Thank you and please pray with and for us as we seek Godís man for our Church

The Pulpit Committee
Bro. Chris Willis
Twinbrook Hills Baptist Church
Hamilton, Ohio