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Something for Nothing

by Pastor Greg Wilson

Work is a God-ordained and honorable activity. God informed man that he was to earn his keep by the sweat of his brow (Gen. 3:19). Since this admonition came after the Fall, some have thought that work came about as a result of man’s sin. This, however, is not the case. Man was specifically given work to accomplish by God before sin entered into the world (Gen. 2:15). Sin, the Fall, and the Curse removed much of work’s productivity and joy (Gen. 3:17-19).

The desire for “something for nothing” is at its root sinful rebellion against God. This desire is nowhere more evident than in the sinful practice of gambling. In the past this activity was restricted to the saloon, the back alley, and the bingo halls of apostate churches. Now, however, most state governments have instituted lotteries.

Lottery tickets can usually be purchased at the corner store, or gas station. Folks who never thought of gambling before are lured into this sinful and self-destructive practice. Usually, it is those who can least afford it that spend the greatest amount of their income on this addictive habit.

Recently here in Florida, as the state lottery topped 100 million dollars, folks were absolutely obsessed with the idea of winning the jackpot. Some who would profess to be “good Christians” could be heard discussing their chances of winning, and anticipating how they would spend their ill-gotten gains. No doubt these “good Christians” spent more on the lottery in one week than they put into the offering plate in one year. I saw one man, whom I know to be a member in good standing of a big pseudo-fundamental Baptist Church (BBF), marking his lottery form at the grocery store!

Christian, gambling is sinful rebellion against God, and has no place in the Christian’s life! Anyone involved in such a practice ought not be permitted to remain a member of any church that professes to be a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ.